Nadine West Review December 2015

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.


Nadine West is a monthly personalized fashion subscription service. You will receive a package that includes 2-4 tops and accessories. You decide to keep the items that you love and return what you don’t. Nadine West does charge a small styling fee that can be applied to any items you choose to purchase.

Cost: $6.95/monthly (You also have the option to receive packages once every two weeks)

Nadine West carries sizes S-3XL.

When you join, you will complete a customized profile that gives Nadine West a better understanding of your tastes and style preferences. This can be updated at any time.


The items in the package are wrapped in hot pink tissue paper.


An invoice is included in the package that lists the price for each item.  This also includes a ratings section for you to give Nadine West more insight into your opinion of each items, the sizing, and the price. You will also receive a return shipping label in case you choose to return any items.


Dark Diamond Statement Necklace ($24.49): This necklace is too short for me. I actually really like the style so I’m a little disappointed that it won’t work for me.


Eqyptian Eagle Necklace ($21.49): This necklace isn’t really my style either. It’s too short as well.


Desert Flight Leggings ($13.99): I really like these leggings! They are a bit wild but will be cute paired with a solid black top and black boots. I think the price is great too so I will definitely keep these.

Verdict: Not everything was a hit for me this month but I am glad that I liked at least one item. I am going to update my style preferences as well. That may help me to receive pieces that are a little more my style.

Have you tried Nadine West yet? What fun pieces did you receive?

If you are interested in subscribing,you can click here to learn more.