Influenster Goddess VoxBox Review – July 2016

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received from Influenster for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. No compensation was received for this review. This post contains referral links.


Influenster recently sent me the “Goddess VoxBox” to review. This box is full of products to make you feel beautiful and glamorous all summer!

What is Influenster?

Influenster is a program that sends free products in exchange for honest reviews.

How It Works:

When you first join Influenster, you will need to complete a series of questionnaires. These surveys help Influenster to match you with products and brands that are a good match. Influenster puts a strong focus on social media and you are scored on your social “impact.” Your impact score is determined by the number of followers you have on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Youtube. You can also increase your impact score by connecting your blog and inviting friends to join.

Aside from your social impact score, you can also increase your chances of being asked to join a campaign by completing “snaps” (small surveys about your hobbies, likes/dislikes, habits) when they are available. You can also review a variety of products through Influenster. Those reviews are also a big factor in whether or not you will be chosen for upcoming campaigns. I try to log in each week and do at least 5-10 reviews.

When you are chosen for a campaign, you will receive an email letting your know. You won’t know what specific products you are receiving though. Once you receive your “voxbox” you will need to do a series of activities to earn “badges.” For example, you may be asked to post a phone of your Influenster box on Instagram or tweet about one of the products. The more activities you complete, the greater the likelihood of getting asked to do more in the future.

The big thing about Influenster is honesty. Brands need your honest feedback so if you don’t like a product, it’s ok to be completely honest about your dislikes.

The Products:


Pantene Expert Intense Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner: This is an ultra-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that not only hydrates but softens hair. My hair is not typically super dry but because I do a lot of heat styling on a daily basis, my ends do tend to get pretty dry. I have noticed that my hair is a lot softer and more manageable since using this shampoo and conditioner though!


Always Radiant with FlexFoam Pads: Fortunately, I haven’t had a need for these products since receiving the box but they are waiting in my lady “stash” for when that time comes. The pads are made to be super absorbent and can be worn for up to 8 hours (though that seems a little lengthy to me!) They are also flexible so they are more comfortable and do not feel bulky like other feminine pads.



SinfulColors Nail Polish in Glazy Sunday: I own a number of Sinful Colors polishes but this is a new shade for me. This is part of their Porcelain Matte shades and it is a soft, dusty rose shade. It does have a hint of lavender to it as well. Sinful Colors are not my favorite formulas but they do have a gorgeous selection of colors and finishes.


Dickinson’s Enhanced Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Hydrating Toner: This bottle is huge! I have always heard that you can use witch hazel as a toner but I have never tried it. This toner is designed to hydrate and nourish skin with hylaronic acid and vitamin E. I would not say this is extremely hydrating in my opinion. I have somewhat oily skin though so that’s probably best for me. It did leave my skin feeling clean however but I did notice a slight tingling feeling on my face that was a bit irritating.


Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads: I have used these in the past and absolutely love them! They are small pads but effective enough to remove polish from all 10 fingers or toes. Plus, because they are small, they are great for popping in your purse for last minute touch ups or removal.


Downy Fresh Protect with In-Wash Febreze Odor Defense: These are described as “deodorant for your clothes.” They are designed to induze fabric with motion-activating technology that helps neutral odors as your move during the day. I tried them and they did leave my clothes smelling amazing! I’m not sure I noticed the scent much throughout the day as I wore my clothes but I also didn’t notice any bad odors either!


Ebates: So this isn’t really a product but it it a promotional item for Ebates. If you are not familiar with Ebates, it is a great site that offers you cash back for shopping online. It is completely free to join and offers cash back at over 2,000 well nown stores. I have been using Ebates for years and have earned a total of $130 back. They send out checks quarterly. Click here to learn more (affiliate link included.)


Verdict: This was another great box from Influenster. It included some favorite as well as some new products!

If you love to try new products, I would highly recommend you sign up for Influenster!

Pooch Perks Review – July 2016

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. No compensation was received for this review.


Pooch Perks is a monthly subscription box for you and your dog. Each month, you will receive an assortment of premium treats, toys, and other goodies delivered right to your door. All of the treats in Pooch Perks are made in the USA and are mostly organic and grain free so you can feel good about spoiling your pups.


Pooch Perks offers 4 different subscription plans:

Pennywise Pooch (2-3 items) $20/mo

Popular Pooch (4 items) $29/mo

Patriotic Pooch (5-6 items) $45/mo (every item is made in the USA)

Pampered Pooch (6 items) $50/mo

COUPON CODE: “SPARKYLITTLEWIFE25” to save 25% off a minimum purchase of $25.

Pooch Perks kindly sent me this box to review. I received the Pampered Pooch box.

We have three dogs: Two Bloodhounds (Ruby Sue and Ellie Mae) and an American Pit Bull Terrier (Remy).


Pooch Perks includes a detailed informational card that lists the items in each box. The card was a bit different this month and did not include the values of the products. I am using values that I was able to find online.

Each month, Pooch Perks introduces a “theme.” The theme of this month’s box is “Alien Invasion.”


Davis Square Camberville Treats (~$3): These treats  are handmade, free of wheat, corn, and soy as well as non GMO. They are made with kale and banana They smell pretty strong to me but the dogs love them!


Exclusively Dog Carob & Vanilla Treats ($5.98): These doggie cookies are made with natural ingredients and the dogs are gobbling them up! They must have a sweet tooth like me!


PetLou’s One Eyed Blue Monster (~$5): What a cute little monster! This is supposed to be a puncture proof squeak toy so we will see if that holds up when I pass this on to Ruby Sue!


Earth Friend Poop Bags b y My Loyal Friend (~$5): We were in need of these! I love that these tiny rolls are much easier to carry on our walks than the grocery bags I usually take. These will actually last us a while too. Our dogs don’t usually go to the bathroom on our walks but sometimes they get a little excited so these will come in handy for those times. 🙂


The Real Meat Company Treats ($6.50): Theses treats are made with beef, oatmeal, and spinach.


Jolly Pets Flathead Toy ($8.42): This is a crinkle toy which Ruby Sue really loves. The description also says that it’s durable which I appreciate!


Spunky Pup Meteor (~$9): This reminds me of a Kong toy! It says that it’s made with “AlienFlex Rubber.” I usually don’t give the plush toys to Remy or Ellie Mae since they are heavy chewers but this toy will be perfect for them! It’s also a treat dispenser.


Spunky Pup Ghim ($7.99): This cute guy is made with “AlienFlexGnawguard Technology.” It’s a plush toy but made to be durable.


Verdict: The total value of this month’s box is around $50.98. I think the curation is excellent for this box! I love that Pooch Perks is sending more durable toys since our dogs are tough chewers!

Have you tried Pooch Perks yet? What are you waiting for? Check out the website here!

Sephora Play Box Review – June 2016


Sephora Play is a new beauty subscription box from Sephora. Each month, subscribers will receive 5 deluxe size samples of premium brand beauty products sold from Sephora. The box will also include a perfume sample each month.

Cost: $10/month


Each box includes a card that is good one a free one-on-one in store tutorial plus 50 extra Beauty Insider points (with any purchase.)


The box also includes a fold out informational pamphlet that details the month’s products along with useful tips on how to use each one.


All of the products are wrapped up in a pretty bag each month.


Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It ($3.75): This styling creme is meant to be used on air-dried hair to create body and volume. I rarely air dry my hair but occasionally on the weekends I like to give my hair a break from the heat. I haven’t used this one yet (because I have so many hair products right now!) but I’m eager to see if it will make my hair look decent without blow drying.


Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Mascara ($8): This is my FAVORITE MASCARA EVER!! I was so happy to receive this mascara. This formula plumps and thickens my lashes like no other.


Tarte Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 ($4.33): This sunscreen is infused with antioxidants to moisturize and protect skin. It’s probably the most expensive and luxurious sunscreen I have ever received!


Bareminerals bareSkin Bronzer ($2.80): This is a really lightweight bronzer that can be worn alone or with foundation. I used it as a contour shade because it doesn’t have any major shimmer. It worked beautifully. The formula is a bit runny so I suggest using it with a beautyblender or sponge.


Becca Backlight Priming Filter ($7.60): This primer add a soft-focus filter to skin to help blur imperfections. I used this in the areas where I would usually use concealer or highlighter to add a soft glow to my skin.


Tocca Beauty Florence ($2): This perfume is described as a romantic fragrance that blends bergamot, violet petals, and blonde wood. It has a floral scent but the blonde wood notes balance is out nicely. I’m not sure I would buy this in a full size because I don’t typically like floral scents though. All in all however, this is nice and I’ll definitely use up the sample.


Verdict: The total value of this box is $28.48 which is almost three times the cost! I really enjoyed this box. Everything was a big hit for me this month and I feel like they really included products that work beautifully together.

What do you think of this month’s Sephora Play box? If you would like to subscribe, click here!

Allure Beauty Box Review – June 2016


Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure magazine. Each box includes 4-6 deluxe and full size beauty and makeup products chosen by Allure’s beauty editors.

Cost: $15/monthly


Each box includes a mini-magazine that details each product.


Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butter ($5): I received this last year from Birchbox and I really liked it. It smells amazing! This is a large sample so it will last me at least a week (I wash my hair daily.)


Pur-lisse lue Lotus Eye Adore Serum ($30): I received this in another subscription box earlier this year and just ran out recently. This stuff is amazing! It absorbs quickly and leaves the under eye area feeling soothed and refreshed. It is very gentle and did not irritate my eye area.


Pur-lisse Blue Lotus SPF 30 Essential Daily Moisturizer ($16): I have never used this moisturizer but I’ve read great reviews online. It absorbs quickly and helps to neutralize free radicals before they can damage your skin. This is also a good size sample so it will last for several weeks.


Leaders 7 Orange SuperFood Coconut Gel Marks ($6): This is just one of the varieties of sheet masks sent out this month. I love sheet masks and use at least one each week.


Kardashian Beauty Cabana Bronze (~$3): This is a skin illuminating powder but unfortunately for me, mine arrived in a broken mess. I used some rubbing alcohol to see if I could revive it but I’m not sure it was a success. I’m a little bummed because this looked like a pretty shade.


Julep Nail Color in Katie ($14): Hey, a nail polish named after me! This is a very bright orchid purple. Subscribers received either this shade, April (coral) or Cassidy (rich teal.) To be honest, I would have loved to have received the teal shade but this purple is nice too. I don’t think I have anything else like this in my collection.


Verdict: This month’s box has an incredible value of $74! I really think this was a solid month. I’m bummed about the bronzer but I understand that these things happen during shipping from time to time.

Did you receive this month’s Allure Beauty Box? If you are interested ian subscribing, click here.

Birchbox Review – June 2016

Disclosure: This post contains referral links.


Birchbox is a monthly beauty box that typically includes regular and deluxe size samples of haircare, skincare, perfume, and makeup products.
Cost: $10/month
Birchbox Points System: You will receive 10 points for each box. You also receive 10 points for reviewing each product in your box. 100 points = $10 to spend in the Birchbox shop.
Each month, Birchbox offers subscribers a choice between a monthly curated box (all samples in the box are revealed) and the regular monthly box. This month I chose the regular box. With the regular monthly box, you will have a choice of one sample item and all of the other products will be a surprise.
Birchbox always includes an informational card that details each of the month’s products.
Balance Me Congested Skin Serum ($14): I am super impressed with the value of this sample! This is about half the size of a full size bottle. This serum fights blemishes, refines pores, and balances skin without leaving it dry. It has a clean, fresh scent and it’s very soothing on my skin.
Benefit Gimme Brown Volumizing Fiber Gel ($7.20): This was this month’s sample choice item. If you chose the regular box this month, you got to choose the shade of this product. I chose dark/deep. This is not available for purchase until June 24th so this was a special treat for subscribers. This product is made with water-resistant fiber gells that help you to fill in and build your brows to your desired thickness. I recently started filling in my brows so I am excited to use this gel.
Laura Geller New York Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey ($11.38): I think this may be my favorite item in the box! This illuminator is perfect for highlighting or “strobing.” The formula is super creamy and blendable, You can use this with a brush or even your fingers. I have a feeling this is going to be my new go-to highlighting shade. This comes in a ton of pretty shades but I love this Gilded Honey color!
Lavanila The Health Sunscreen Sport Luxe Face & Body Cream SPF 30 ($2.20): I don’t get super excited about sunscreen but this is also very useful to have. This is supposed to endure high performance activities as well as stay put with water and sweat.
Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow ($4.20): I received this last year as well and I love it. I didn’t start using it recently but it quickly became a favorite. In fact, I think this is the best BB cream I have ever used. The formula is slightly thick so it’s doesn’t feel like it’s runny on my skin. The coverage of this is amazing and I can wear it alone and still feel confident. I love the golden glow it gives my skin as well.
Verdict: The total value of this month’s Birchbox is $38.98. Wow! I think this is one of the best month’s in a long time. I really feel like all of the products fit together well this month too. I’m excited to try these products together for a glowing, radiant complexion!
What did you get from Birchbox this month? If you would like to subscribe or want some more information, click here to head over to their site.